Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ventured out today. in the sweltering heat that is this po'dunk valley. I met my little sis and her kids at the local babies r us. I became one of "those" moms that allows their children to run amok all around the store. heck we were at babies r us... anyone there should expect it right? and those glowing expectant moms? whats a little harsh reality to bring them down to earth. anyhoo we tromped around the entire shopping center, OUTSIDE mind you in the 97-ish degree heat. YUCK. double yuck when you take into account that i made the wisely decision not to shower this morning in lieu of a speedier exit. eventually made it back to stage one at Babies R Us with two cranky kids one with a loaded poop filled diaper.

As i finished diapering big little guy in the poop/nursing room, a lady came in to join us with a large two year old and what i guess was an approx 4 month baby. we started to chat as we both nursed our younger boys. She asked how old big little guy was and i told her he was going on 2 and a half. She said that her older boy "jessie" was too. She then went on to explain that 'Jesse' was having speech delay issues and was going to a speech therapist. The poor kid hadn't even had a chance to make a peep. No explanation was necessary. No apologizing necessary. I wasn't sure what to say. "OHHH so that explains it."

Heck I could've begun making excuses seeing how Little big guy was at least a foot shorter than Jesse. "umm yeah he's a real picky eater" or " shortness/smallness runs in the family?" I don't get it. Why feel the need to explain away anything. a kid is a kid. everyone is different. Let them be and don't let our insecurities rub off. Maybe I'm being too critical. the comments caught me off guard and made the very small room even smaller and uncomfortable in the ensuing silence.

In the end little big guy and jesse were the same in their out of control rambuciousness, like caged monkeys. Crawling, scrambling, climbing, shouting and all the craziness that goes along with a care free toddler.

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