Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i really want to be a blogger. i aspire to be that witty funny person i think i can be. but how? i have started posts like 5 times and failed to find a rhythm that really felt like me, not me trying to pretend to be a better me. huh?
well i guess i am trying to find out how to be a narrator of my life. I always have had this problem. Used to want to be one of those people who journaled. i always caught myself blowing hot air up whatever arse i thought someday in the far distant future would take the time and effort to read my journal. never made it very far.
so who am i? i guess thats where the problem lies. i dunno. i know the facts: 30 yr old, wife, mom, manager, etc. those are just titles. I really want to figure out who i REALLY am. what do i believe? i am hoping to discover these things in the mundane daily life experiences.

wanna come along for the ride?


Beau said...

You've just got to write.

I worried when I started if I would have anything interesting to say. And some days I don't.

It was really cool when people would start to leave comments and the same people would come back.

Just write. Even if it is the mundane stuff. It'll start to come. They don't have to be long.

I'm gonna click the subscribe link... Now, you've got a faithful reader, you've gotta write.

Or not.

Molly said...

holy crap you found this fast....i might pretend you're not there so i dont go blog shy. i feel like ive been caught picking my nose or something.

Beau said...

Okay. you pretend like I'm not here. And I won't come back every 5 minutes to see if you've posted...

Hey, there's a new post!

Two in one day!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Molly, I agree...you've just got to write. And I want to come along for the ride too!

On finding out who you are, well, that takes a lifetime I do believe. We add characteristics as life changes, and sluff off old ones as we go. My goal is to add better ones and get rid of the yucky ones... So now I'll ask you, are you with ME on MY journey?

Molly said...

im so there...i find this not only therapeutic but very enlightening too. I think ive gotten to know people soooo much better from reading then i have in the day to day interactions.

buckle me in....