Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lost for good...

So yesterday as i was deciding what to name this blogliciousness I obviously wasn't thinking clearly. was i really asking to lose my sanity? holy crap-o-la-la did i jinx myself. I awoke rather early this morning (515am) to my little big guy (9mos, 24lbs, and growing) screaming to be taken out of his crib. This was already following at least 3 trips down to big little guy's (2-1/2yrs, 24lbs, and vocabulary growing) room to tuck him back into his "blankies." Rather tough night. But off to work I went and had a fairly uneventful day...as uneventful as serving high maintenance customers their high maintenance lattes. I came home in the early afternoon to little big guy stubbornly refusing to take his much needed nap and instead deciding to tear apart his room, knock over little bookcases, rip books, use adult sized armchair to reach upper recesses of built in bookcase to reach piggy bank and then proceed to empty the coins and chuck them over the baby gate into the hallway. my freakin carpet was littered with nickles, dimes, pennies and the occasional quarter.

and to think i thought my afternoon was at its worst there. NOPE. I return LBG to toddler bed with stern instructions to Go. To. Sleep. Now. yeah right. if it was only that easy.

without boring you with all the horrendous details...my afternoon and early evening went all down hill from there. So bad was it that when my lovely hubby returned from a work related fantasy football league draft, I was so close to tears my eyes were brim full of frustration. I had tried cajoling, i tried time outs, i took privileges away, nothing short of binding him up with masking tape would have satisfied my fried nerves. One can only take so much fussing, crying and whining (and you should've heard him).

ugh and again i say ugh. They don't tell you about these days in those baby preparedness classes. yeah i got the notes on dealing with poop and bath time, how about mental freakin breakdown time?

throughout all the madness, my angel little big guy sat in calm contentedness. oh he definitely has his moments. I just hope to goodness he wasn't taking notes from his big brother.

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