Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hellish days of two-yr-old-dom

guess what i just walked into? well yesterday it was coins, today the entire contents of his dresser drawers (pajamas, pants, diapers, etc etc). Plus when i peep into the room he has managed to find a bottle of baby powder and the good boy that he is put himself back into bed. the problem you ask? caught him in the midst of dumping said powder over his own head and all around. Probably was enjoy the *POOF* those bottles make when you squeeze. After a major tantrum of my own he is now successfully sequestered in his little bros pack n' play asleep. the upside? i never used that damn powder for anything else and his room smells just like a fresh baby bum from the seventies (at least that's when i assume baby powdering of bums was all the rage).


Beau said...

Baby powder smells good. Kid 1 (thats the oldest one) put baby lotion on the other day. He smelled funny for an 11 year old, but it was good.

Molly said...

funny or gross however you choose to take it..the smell reminds me of old men, my father in particular. weird.