Tuesday, September 30, 2008

piadini anyone?

ok so i work for starbucks. Its really sad to say that i eat EVERYTHING. For almost the last three years i have had this wonderfully successful diet plan. Have babies eat whatever i want. Breastfeed babies eat whatever i want. So the problem? My little guy is done done done on the boob sucking thing, especially since his multiple production of razor sharp little teethies want to puncture anything within reach up to and including me. Not a fan of having the nips chomped on...say what you will but NOT FUN. So back to the topic...how to curb a uncontrolable urge to eat anything and everything in sight? I am utterly failing in my insincere attempt to reign in the ravenous monster in my tummy, so as a result I am developing a lovely innertube around my middle. So attractive. But i have made a decision. I will slowly wean myself off the yummy goodness of chocolate top pot doughnuts by taking a baby step towards healthy-ier food. next up? ooohhhh the portobello mushroom piadini...toasted a tiny bit extra...mmmmm.


Scout's Honor said...

I totally linked you on my last post so you have to start blogging again, little sis. Come on! Come on! :)

Scout's Honor said...

blog, damn it, then you can criticize my bloody ice cream.