Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hello wilson

ok so we got a new puppy...well actually technically speaking my husband got one for me for my birthday. the little guy is pretty gosh darn adorable, even when hes looking up at you with his big brown melty eyes and pissin on your kitchen floor. What we were thinking with two kidlits under the age of three and now two dogs. i dunno. well our pups have bonded fairly well. our older bailey uses bently as a chew toy and is teaching him all her annoying habits. My biggest problem? Bailey is a barker. Barks at noises she hears, the doorbell, my mother-in-laws car beeping is the biggest set-off for her. So bentley has joined the band wagon. Recently our little neighbor boy "jacob" has decided to play tease the loud obnoxious dogs next door by popping his head up and down over our fence, very wilson-esque. This fun little game of his drives Bailey and now Bentley to be-Z-erk distraction. Ugh if only i could pose with the hose just in time to get that chubby face smack on the kisser. It would make my day and help me get the nap i am so longing for.

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