Friday, September 5, 2008

Boys Club

Ok I was never one of those girls that had more guy friends than girls. Maybe due to my attention seeking mentality I kinda always wanted to be one. I had the fairly typical high school crowd combo and all the guy friends I currently keep in touch with are primarily reached through my hubs. Yet as I sat at the dinner table yesterday I realized I finally had achieved that personal wish. We were having ribs for dinner (definitely a masculine meal) with a football game on in the background (only allowed due to it being the season opener...usually no TV for little guys who are easily distracted from eating). Little Big guy, my two year old, was finding the tackles to be highly hilarious and was cheering alongside his daddy. Big little guy meanwhile after having smooshed arroz con pollo all over his head, was currently working his little jaws like a ravenous dog on a rib bone discarded by his dad. What a carnivore!! my old boys club is complete. What else could I ask for?

(ill post some lovely BBQ-smeared baby pics later.)

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