Wednesday, September 3, 2008

girl on girl

OK so i am soooo not a political person. i couldn't tell you what the major issues of the candidates are. or much of anything else.
BUT... I work for starbucks and in such fashion I am often on my way to work in the wee small hours of the morning. When you want to listen to anything on the radio bar music, at 4am, its usually a politically based show.
This whole Sarah Pallin (sp?) situation. I cant stand it. Makes my blood boil. I listen to these talk show hosts (male and Female hosts) condemn her for all sorts of reasons. I find it personally offensive that they think because shes a woman, because she is a mom, because she decided to have a large family, because she happens to be attractive....for some reason this dis-qualifies her from being taken seriously. I actually heard some idiot fark on the radio say that she might lose women voters because shes good lookin'. SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY?
because women are just that shallow. Just that addle minded, right?


(the title was brought to you especially for beau's enjoyment...)


Beau said...

I'm all about girl on girl. Anytime you feel like writing more girl on girl posts, I'll come read them!

Did you know that Google has about 75,300,000 results for girl on girl. And your posting isn't in the first ten returned.

As to the politics, I'd be for an attractive VP!

Honestly, it doesn't matter that she is a woman. In fact, she's got the more executive experience than the combination of the other candidates.

So there goes, my only political comment on a post titled girl on girl. I appreciate that, I really do.

Scout's Honor said...

right on, my friend, right on.

Your sentiments are echoes of what I've been muttering to my husband all week.

What an amazing double-standard liberals have.